adidas Originals | Return of the Top Ten | Danny Brown
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Autore: adidas Originals
Data pubblicazione: 23/01/2014
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In Detroit, the Top Ten has always been a big deal. Danny Brown is the proud voice of his hometown, a city that lays claim to this legendary sneaker. See the evolution of the legacy at

Anybody sees satans ...
Anybody sees satans pentagram on the logo?
Danny's dope!
Danny's dope!
Tony D26/01/2014
Yeaa Danny Brown 
Yeaa Danny Brown 
kolby bryant25/01/2014
The D and Beantown ...
The D and Beantown always reppin them stripes!
Quinn Askew25/01/2014
Try to clown Brown ...
Try to clown Brown die ballin like Reggie Lewis....
sweet video..
sweet video..
jacob lay25/01/2014
i new i saw him:p i ...
i new i saw him:p i need these shoes now 
briyan bee23/01/2014
Trova Farmacie